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Managing Venous Insufficiency


Vascular supports assist weak or damaged veins with the circulation of blood. Also, they help reduce and control swollen and bulging veins associated with this condition.


Vascular supports are engineered to exert gradient pressure, mimicking the action of the veins as they move blood toward the heart. Vascular supports exert the highest pressure at the distal end reducing in gradient to the proximal end.




Vascular supports are most often prescribed to help manage and control conditions, including


Leg Fatigue
Orthostatic Hypotension
Post Fracture Edema
Post Phlebitic Syndrome
Post Surgical Stripping
Post Surgical Sclerosing
Post Thrombosis
Stasis Dermatitis
Varicose Veins
Venous Insufficiency


Vascular supports are also referred to as elastic supports and compression or support hosiery, but often there are differences. Gottfried brand vascular supports can be engineered to provide significantly higher compression than is found in common OTC retail products. As a result, they are not available without a prescription.



The Made-to-Measure Advantage

Every Gottfried brand vascular support is Made-to-Measure. They are individually engineered, designed and constructed to satisfy a specific patient's or customer's unique requirements. Being Made-to-Measure assures the prescribed pressure gradient is attained and a physiologically correct fit is achieved.

Gottfried brand Made-to-Measure vascular supports can increase compliance as a result of options and extras that ease donning, doffing and reducing the discomfort associated with normal wear. Numerous options are available and special requirements are easily accommodated. Contact us to discuss an unusual case or requirement.


Options for Vascular Supports


Silicone Bands
Web Spacers
Flex Seams
Ensil® Silicone Inserts



Indications & Contraindications for Vascular Supports


mmHg Indications
20 - 30 Arterial insufficiency with venous insufficiency. Burns — prevention of hypertrophic scars.
30 - 40 Varicose veins (mild), assist fluid return, leg fatigue, stasis dermatitis, postphlebitic syndrome, post surgical stripping or sclerosing, varicose veins (moderate), postfracture edema, prophylactic treatment of edema and phlebitis.
40 - 50 Lymphedema (moderate), chronic venous insufficiency, stasis dermatitis (severe), lymphedema (severe), chronic venous insufficiency (severe), orthostatic hypotension (moderate).
50 - 60 Orthostatic hypotension (severe), postthrombosis (severe), intractable edema.
Non-ambulatory use, severe arterial insufficiency, cutaneous infection, acute hypodermatitis, wet dermatoses.

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